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NoAGI is a chat assistant that calls and combines all the AI technologies you need in order to answer your questions or requests. Just describe the 'what', it will figure out 'how.

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Why NoAGI?

AI Integration

Comprehensive AI Integration

Get access to a wide range of AI technologies (language models, image generation, audio transcription) for the broadest range of use cases.

Cutting Edge Technology


We curate, benchmark and integrate the finest AI technologies available, so that you always get state-of-the-art answers.

Versatile Solutions

Automated AI Pipelines

Through the /n* feature, NoAGI can go as far as creating multi-steps AI pipelines in order to solve your most complex requests.


Feature Free Premium Description
Internet-powered Answers Access the latest information on any topic instantly.
Large Language Models Calls 🟠
(only open-source models)

(all models, including GPT4, Claude 3 and Mistral Large)
Access the latest information on any topic instantly.
Image Generation 🟠
(1 image from 1 engine)

(4 images from multiple engines)
Create detailed images from textual descriptions.
Multi-steps Problem Solving Tackle complex tasks by combining multiple AI tools.
Deep Web Report Generate in-depth PDF reports on specific subjects.
Youtube Video Analyzer Get summaries and transcripts of Youtube videos.

NoAGI vs. Others (ChatGPT+, Gemini, ...)

Feature NoAGI Others
AI use-cases supported Wide (image editing, YT videos summaries, speech-to-text, ...) Limited
Large Language Models All LLMs, multiple LLMs can be called in parallel Usually one LLM only (ex: GPT4 for ChatGPT+)
Multi-steps Problem Solving >Up to 10 steps & tool use Max 2-3 steps & tool use
Custom Image Generation Multiple Engines Single Engine

Pricing Plans


  • Access to the best open-source models
  • Basic search-powered answers
  • Basic image generation (1 image)
  • Basic "Chat-with-your-docs"


  • Select and combine the world's best LLMs
  • Enhanced image generation (multiple engines)
  • Prompt-based Image Editing
  • Youtube Video Summaries
  • Chat-with-audio-file"
  • Deep PDF web reports
  • Enhanced Chat-with-your-docs

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