Why NoAGI?

AI Integration


Get access to a wide range of AI technologies (language models, image generation, audio transcription, ...) for the broadest range of use cases.

Cutting Edge Technology


We curate, benchmark and integrate the finest AI technologies available, so that you always get state-of-the-art answers.

Versatile Solutions

Automated AI Pipelines

Through its "Agent" mode, NoAGI can go as far as creating multi-steps AI pipelines in order to solve your most complex requests.

Features and Shortcuts

Feature Description
🤖 Multiple LLMs Choose the Large Language Model that powers NoAGI among all the most powerful ones.
🌐 Web Search NoAGI calls the web *when needed* based on your request, in order to get the best possible answer
💡 Sharp Combine the best LLMs (with a potential search if relevant) for the best possible answer
📄 Documents Q&A Ask questions about documents (.pdf, .docx, .pptx)
🖼️ Image Understanding Ask questions related to images (screenshots)
📰 Latest News Fetch recent news articles from the web
📚 Research PDF report Generate a ~3 pages structured PDF report based on an agent-made web research on a topic
🖼️ Image Generation Create images from textual descriptions using in parallel many state-of-the-art engines (Dalle-3, Stable Diffusion 3, etc...)
📺 YouTube Q&A Ask questions about YouTube videos
🔗 URL Q&A Scrape a webpage and answer a question about it
🔉 Audio Q&A Ask questions about uploaded audio files
📊 Data Analysis Analyze and visualize data from files (.csv, .xlsx, etc.)
🧩 Orchestration of all of the above! Agent that can answer requests that involve multiple steps. For example: "Generate a photo of the car that James Bond drove in its last movie" (search last movie --> search which car --> generate photo of the car)

NoAGI vs. ChatGPT+

Feature NoAGI ChatGPT+
LLMs (Large Language Models) All LLMs + can call the 3 best LLMs in parallel Only OpenAI models
URL Scraping Robust (handles JS, etc.) Elementary
Audio Q&A Yes No
Youtube Q&A Yes No
Image Generation 4 images (Dalle3, Stable Diffusion, and 2 undisclosed engines) 1 image from Dalle3
Image Editing Yes No

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